Wild Irish Foragers & Preservers

irishforagersWild Irish Foragers & Preservers are a Family run business rooted in the heart of Ireland where they forage from the woodlands, meadows, hedgerows & bog lands around their 5th generation family farm.Sharon and Gordon Greene have an inherent love for the countryside and tradition.  Gordon is The Forager, a man who believes he is a Caretaker of the land  – not a Cultivator of the land. Sharon is The Preserver, converting his seasonal hauls of wild berries, fruits, flowers and herbs,  into unique preserves, using time honoured recipes from a history bank of old food heritage.

 In this natural environment, Gordon gathers Hawthorn flowers, Elder flowers,  Meadow sweet, two types of Clover,  Honeysuckle, Nettles, Rowan berries, Elderberries, Hawthorn berries, beech nuts, crab apples, damsons, sloes and rose hips. When the Gorse is in flower, he takes thick gardening gloves and a comfy chair, to hand pick blooms  – and ends up covered in yellow petals quite often! Gordon’s ‘caretaker’ attitude means he always leave enough wild produce behind to feed the wildlife.

Every season brings a new ingredient  and new excitement in the kitchen. Sharon sets to work, with a traditional preserving pan and equipment, often ancient recipes – and pure woman power. All her preserves have their own story to tell. Beginning with Rose hip Syrup, which was the first syrup Sharon ever made to give to her growing family as a health drink.


1. Irish Food Writers Guild Award 2016 for ALL products in range
2. Blas na hEireann ” Best New Products 2015″ for Honeysuckle Shrub
3. Blas na hEireann Gold Award 2015 for Honeysuckle Shrub
4. Blas na hEireann Finalist 2015 for Rosehip Syrup
5. All Ireland Farmers Market Competition Winners 2015 for ALL products in range
6. Taste of Cavan 2015 Overall “Best Products” Gold Award for ALL products in range
7. Taste of Cavan 2015 “Best Condiments” Gold Award for ALL Shrubs
8. McKennas “Best in Ireland” 2014, 2015 & 2016 for ALL products in range
9. Good Food Ireland Approved Producer 2015,2016
10. Sustainability Award 2014 for “farming” practices
11. Blas na hEireann Bronze Award 2014 for Wild Blackberry Shrub
12. Blas na hEireann Finalist 2014 for Rosehip Syrup
13. Listowel National Food Awards “Best Emerging Artisan Product 2014” for Rosehip Syrup
14. Listowel National Food Awards Supreme Champion 2014 for Dandelion Flower Preserve
15. Foodie Expo 2014 – Overall Winners for ALL products
16. Irish Food Guide “Top 10 Best Food Finds” 2013 for Fruit Cheeses & 2014 for ALL products
17. Irish Times “RDS Group Winners” 2013 for ALL products
18. Blas na hEireann Silver Award 2013 for Elderberry Syrup
19. Blas na hEireann Finalist 2013 for Rosehip Syrup