Tremendous Truffles

neasaTremendous Truffles are handmade in Dublin by Neasa Curran, using the finest of ingredients – luxurious treats for all chocolate lovers! Chocolate CAN be this good…

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere and all of it to eat! The ‘mmm’s’ and ‘oooh’s’ of delight from family, friends and strangers who’s taste buds perked up upon overhearing that there was delicious chocolate truffles on offer, encouraged Neasa Curran to set up her company, Tremendous Truffles earlier this year.

Made from the finest Belgian sustainable chocolate consisting of only 100% cocoa butter and natural vanilla combined with Irish double cream and naturally flavoured oils, these truffles are an experience in chocolate that once tasted, is never forgotten. By expertly pairing the silky smooth chocolate with the milky goodness of cream, the individual flavour of each truffle bursts in the mouth to leave you in no doubt that these chocolate delights are truly tremendous. Each truffle is a luxurious treat to be savoured and the simplicity of the combination of high quality ingredients and the love that goes into each one puts this product in a league of its own – each truffle is hand rolled and hand dipped for a uniquely chocolaty experience.
The range currently consists of to-die-for dark mint truffles, magnificent milk orange truffles and ‘wow-ee, they’re good’ white chocolate raspberry truffles. These are by no means the only truffles that Neasa can make; If the flavour can be sourced, you’ll get your truffles!