Sasta Sausages

sasta sausagesWhen John Paul began a small Business in Co. Kerry a few years ago, called Sásta Sausages, little did he know that his homemade Black and White Puddings and amazing Homemade Sausages would reach the World Stage. Winter 2015 John Paul travelled to Belgium with his product for The World Championships in Pudding Making where he won Gold.

Last October, he returned to France for The Fins Goustiers du Duche d’Alencon Competiton, one of the most prestigious Awards granted in the culinary world. John Paul won the Award in 2013 and was knighted for his performance, an honour previously bestowed to Ireland’s Chef Nevin McGuire.

Along with John Paul’s many Awards, he, his Family and his Business, Sásta won The Best Sausage Award in Great Britain & Ireland in 2014.

Today, John Paul sells his product to some of the top Hotels in Ireland and Europe, promoting Food Tourism, as he recognizes that Tourists not only seek great hospitality but a traditional breakfast that creates a palate of nostalgia and memories of traditional Artisan Ireland.

Sásta is steadily expanding as a Business and working so close to Kerry Airport creates a window of opportunity for exporting, and an alternative route for Tourists to come and spend the day in Kerry with John Paul to experience the making and tasting of some of Ireland’s finest sausages and puddings.

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