Andrew Wrynne, Belan Moone Co. Kildare. nutmost

I’ve always been a healthy foodie but I also love a sneaky snack. Rather than have to put a stop to either – because I know which I’d have chosen – I set out to see if I find a snack that put the well into well-being. My girlfriend had lived in LA – the home of healthy living and was exposed to different food practices and lifestyles there. On her return she was activating nuts in small batches in our kitchen. I was blown away by the fact that they didn’t just do good but tasted great too.

They are tastier, crunchier and far easier to digest than conventional nuts. And because the process is natural, they are bursting with nutrients too. And so Nutmost was born, with our mission to produce the most delicious and nutritious snacks using only the finest ingredients.