Jordans Atlantic Foods

jordansatlanticfoodsA Donegal man has revived an old tradition that has been largely absent from Donegal for 600 years, the harvesting of Donegal sea salt. Chef James Jordan of Jordan’s Atlantic Foods got the idea after seeing how much imported sea salt there was on shop shelves.

“We saw a niche in the market for something from Donegal,” said Mr Jordan. “I am from the food industry and I was making sea salt just for ourselves. People told me I should try giving it a go, so I did and the response has been fantastic.”

Donegal Sea Salt hit the shelves in August 2014. The product is proving very popular and is currently available in health food shops from Sligo to Derry.

“I am surprised every day by how well it is being received,” said Mr Jordan. “People who come over from America are taking it back to their parents who might have moved there from Donegal years ago. We recently sent some out to Florida. You just can’t get anything like that out there.” As well as plain salt, the range includes turf-smoked, wild garlic, seaweed and spiced salt. Local ingredients are used as far as possible with the wild garlic coming from Blissberry Farm in Mountcharles.

“The wild garlic salt is very popular,” said Mr Jordan. “I thought I had made a good supply of it but it sold out really quickly. I will be harvesting more of the wild garlic this year to try and meet the demand.” The turf-smoked salt insofar as far as Mr Jordan can establish is a truly unique product and a real taste of Donegal.

These salts are now being used in a new product, Donegal butter which is also proving hugely popular. Mr Jordan and his company, Jordan Atlantic Foods have recently had requests from people looking to send Donegal Sea Salt abroad as a Christmas gift. Some Donegal people far from home will no doubt be delighted to receive their package in the post in the coming months