Creative Cheese Works


Yvonne Hollidge loves to educate people on how easy cheesemaking really is. She spends her time on the road doing demonstrations for schools and festivals to show how to make the perfect cheese and Tofu. She is passionate about teaching, and wants to encourage everyone to try their hand at this novel skill. .A little milk boiled to the right temperature is the key ingredient and that is pretty much all you need. Well, that and a bit of vinegar (or rennet once you get serious about this) and away you go; The world of cheesemaking is yours.

Once you buy the Cheese Making Kit, you can whip up a batch of soft cheese in a few hours.This kit uses full fat milk and makes up to 10 batches.

Yvonne, now living in Leitrim, adds that she has perfected her soft cheesemaking skills, and is now graduating onto the blue cheese – more of a challege but really looking forward to trying this.

The one thing we are loving is the shelf life – if you can keep it hidden from the kids that is. The cheese is mild and will ripen and strengthen in firmness and flavour if you leave it (wrapped in greaseproof paper) in the fridge for a week or two. When you tuck into it after a few weeks maturing, it is begging for a glass of wine, a few olives stuffed with anchovies and a long weekend lying ahead of you. It’s that kind of distracting cheese.