About Us



Fiona worked in Hotel and Catering Management from an early age. She moved to London to work in Tourism and trained as a Tour Director which took her across the British Isles and Europe. She returned to Ireland and leased a Catering Business where she baked and  sold her own Savoury Breads. She decided to develope a  website to sell her products on-line when she realised that if Artisan Food Producers shared a website to sell their Food, it would create more exposure to every Producer rather than each Producer developing individual websites for their own product. This is how FixitFood was born. Over time the business developed into selling Artisan Food and Craft Gift Boxes. A new Company emerged, Irish Food and Gifts.com

Fiona’s qualifications include a BA (Hons) Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Design and Tailoring and Business Management. She runs Irish Food and Gifts on the Cavan/Leitrim border with her Family.